Solid Wall Insulation Options

As we become more environmentally friendly we must take into consideration our homes and how we can make them eco-friendly as we move into the future. One of the ways that we can do this is by improving our insulation in our living environment. By upgrading our insulation we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses that escape our homes. This can be an overwhelming task but first you need to determine what type of walls that your dwelling has. There are a few kinds that they can be and this really depends on what year your home was built. For example, most homes that were completed before the year 1920 is most likely to have solid walls and dwellings that were built after are typically cavity type walls. Determining what type of walls you have is the first step to improving your insulation.

insulating your houseIf you discover you have solid walls than you will need to determine what method you would like to use to replace your Solid Wall Insulation. There are a couple of methods one could choose from and they both have different costs and advantages. The method a person chooses from could be internal wall insulation or external wall insulation. Like stated earlier they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Using the internal wall insulation can be a bit messier and intrusive to your living area as it is done inside the home, however it is a bit more inexpensive and you can complete it one room at a time. There is of course the external wall insulation method and this is done from the outside of your home. The benefits of this type is that it does not intrude on your day to day living and you can add distinctive decoration to the outside of your dwelling such as brick fronts, pebbles, and other interesting decor. The downfall of choosing this insulation method would be the cost and it may need planning authorization depending on where you are located. Depending on your budget and your preference will determine which method you choose from in regards to solid wall insulation.

Now, if you have cavity walls, these type of walls will have a space between them, than you would need to use the cavity wall insulation method. The way this is done, is from the outside of your living establishment. The worker will drill small holes into the exterior walls of your home then proceed to fill it with insulation. After the job is completed the installer will then patch the holes so that they will hardly be noticeable if at all. The disadvantage to this type of walls and insulation is that it is not something that the home owner would be able to do themselves.

With the stricter and more importantly needed environmental awareness regulations to buildings and how they are insulated, one needs to know the options available to them to help and do their part in helping our earth’s future.


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