Do You Need Extra Insulation?

Just how did you do this wintertime? If you’re a home owner in a cold environment, the level of insulation in your household could have made a massive difference in your comfort as well as in your wallet these past few months. If you found your home seemed too cold and you broke into a sweat every time you had to deal with yet another heating bill, consider making a huge improvement by adding insulation.

Below are great tips on how to continue:

Think grants or loans and incentives

In lots of areas in the UK and Scotland, the government are offering grants and benefits, such as the green deal to get home owners to purchase energy efficient products for instance insulating material – to meet up with carbon reduction statistics.

If you’re uncertain whether you are eligible for these grants just go to the DECC or government web sites.

Get a home energy audit

If you own an older house, consider an energy audit in order to identify air leaks and places where insulation may need improvement. Think of it as a physical exam for your home. An analysis can include a blower door test, using a high-powered fan to reduce the air pressure inside the house; the higher outside pressure then finds its way back in by way of unsealed holes and cracks, therefore locating your air leaks. A home energy audit can even check out existing insulation’s R-value, that is a measure of how well it resists hot- and cold – traveling through it.

Hire the best contractor

A great number of general contractors are capable and sincere, yet it helps to make use of a contractor who is registered and covered (make sure you ask for referrals).

If you’re not sure where to go to find skilled contractors, then check out web-sites for example checkatrade and ratedpeople – this not only shows you their training but also enables you to see what other individuals thought of the work they do.

If you fail to employ a certified contractor, then they could do even more damage than good within the house.

Be aware of your insulation

General contractors will use various materials, procedures and quantities, subject to your location. Do your research and talk to experts, before purchasing products that may not be as good as others.

types of insulationHere’s an introduction to the different types of insulating materials:

•    Blanket insulation, the most common form of insulation, is offered in sheets or rolls. Although it has generally been created from fiberglass, it is now found in plastic or natural fibers. It’s measured to slip nicely within the standard spacing of studs on unfinished partitions, and the joists and rafters of floors and ceilings. It’s furthermore affordable, and Do it yourself kinds can be found in home improvement shops.

•    Blown-in insulation is composed of recycled fiberglass, newspapers (cellulose) or some other material which is blown straight into a space. Due to its loose characteristics, this type of insulation conforms to fit a space without unsettling the surrounding structure and is well-suited to renovations.

•    Spray foam, a variety of chemicals, stretches into liquid foam that will become tough after it cures. It works both as insulating material and an air sealant. This type of assembly needs skilled contractors, and tends to be more pricey (although the the DECC claims that since it has a larger R-value and acts as an air sealant, it might eventually lower your expenses because you won’t need other house weatherization solutions).

Carry out your insulation task now whilst the winter chill is still fresh – and definitely before summer’s heat, since good insulation helps to keep your household cool, also.


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  1. I think winter is perfect time for adding extra insulation in homes, insulation is really a crucial thing for home which can keep them warm in winters and cool in summer and save energy bill on heating and cooling electrics. 🙂

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